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We’re still in the process of building our website and look forward to providing informative resources about acting on climate change.

As a Creative Practitioner

Track Zero would like to hear from you if you’re a creative practitioner dedicating part of your practice to climate change and sustainability or wanting to get involved.

We’d love you to start thinking about projects to do with climate change. Track Zero aims to provide support for creative practitioners and others, to get more information about climate change and climate action, and eventually we want to work with creative practitioners, and other sectors, to create visual and performance art works for a range of projects around the country.

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Gabby O’Connor, Studio Antarctica 2016, PATAKA Art + Museum 2016. Image credit: Mark Tantrum.

Nigel Brown ONZM, Denial, 2018, acrylic and plastic gems on paper 420mm h x 297mm w. New Zealand’s leading narrative artist. Image credit: Nigel Brown.

Science resources

We’re still in the process of building our website and look forward to providing handy resources about climate science and the impacts of climate change for you to use.

Development resources

Track Zero believes climate action goes hand-in-hand with improving wellbeing – tackling climate change at the same time as lifting people’s equality and sustainable development while making the world safer from the risk of disasters.

We’re still in the process of building our website and look forward to providing useful resources about climate action linked to social development for you to use.

Become a Partner

Track Zero works in collaborative partnerships to deliver the Track Zero Programme. Track Zero was incorporated under the New Zealand Charitable Trusts Act 1957 in April 2018. We are in the process of applying for tax deductible status under the Charities Act 2005. If you’re interested in becoming a Partner for a specific project, or Programme, please contact us.


We’re still in the process of building our website. Check out ways you can volunteer when our Track Zero Programme and full website are up and running.

Sam Trubridge, with Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation. Night Walk, 2015. Performance work and process; a dialogue with the terrain. Image credit: David Trubridge.


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